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Dental Veneers for a More Youthful Smile

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Newton Wellesley Dental Partners - Dental Veneers in Newton, Wellesley, Brookline, MA

Have you wanted a new job, a new love, a new image? If so, dental veneers should be on your "list of things to do". Dental veneers will change your appearance, giving you a youthful and more attractive smile. The inherent self-confidence that comes with a more appealing appearance and smile can catapult you to a new level of self-confidence which can help you reach your other goals. Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist and director of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, who is regarded as a "Boston's Best Prosthodontist" has been improving smiles on some of Boston's most demanding patients since 1986.

As we age, our smile begins to show the years. Dental implants can mask the effect that time has on your teeth. Fix crooked, chipped, spaced, worn or stained teeth and make your smile the best it has been in years, if not ever.

Every middle-aged adult longs for a more youthful appearance; this can be achieved by changing your smile. One way to do this is with dental veneers. Aging teeth become more opaque, worn and stained

Porcelain veneers can lengthen your teeth and bring back the natural looking appearance and shine, hiding defects or discolorations. Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that adhere to the front of your teeth and change the color and shape of aging teeth.

Veneers last for a long time. But more importantly, they give you a smile that will give you the confidence to reach your goals.

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Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Newton Wellesley Dental Partners - Dental Implants in Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, Boston, MA

If you are missing one or more teeth you certainly need to know your options for filling the gaps in your teeth. Gaps in your teeth cause more than dental health issues, they can also cause low self-esteem. , prosthodontist and director of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners , who is regarded as a pioneer in the synergistic use of computers in implant dentistry has been on the forefront of implant dentistry since 1989.

Dental implants are frequently the best option for replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles. Dental implants use an artificial ‘tooth root’ made from titanium, that is placed into the jaw to hold the replacement tooth. Most dentists feel that dental implants are better than traditional bridges because they don’t need the surrounding teeth for support.

Dental implants are the cosmetic restoration of choice for both aesthetics and functionality. In fact, dental implants, with proper care, will last a lifetime, giving you a natural seeming replacement for missing teeth.

Because your dental implant will look and feel like a natural tooth, you will have the self-confidence in social situation to smile naturally and generously. Your smile has a direct effect on your self-esteem. Take care of missing or gapped teeth with dental implants and restore your smile and your self-confidence. Dental implants help to maintain your teeth so that you no longer need to be ashamed of your smile.

Rather than resting on the gum line like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements. Dental implants do not slip or make embarrassing noises like dentures. Additionally, dental implants do not decay.

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Root Canal Treatment: When and Why You May Need It

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 23, 2019
Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, Newton, Brookline, Wellesley, MA - Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Years ago, diseased or injured teeth were usually pulled. But today, a tooth can often be saved through treatment.

Newton Wellesely Dental Partners can treat diseases or injuries to the teeth or dental pulp. This often results in root canal treatment. If the dental pulp is injured:

The pulp is the soft tissue inside the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, treatment is needed. The most common causes of pulp inflammation or infection are a cracked or chipped tooth, a deep cavity or filling, or other serious injury to the tooth. All of these can allow bacteria to enter the pulp.

If damaged or infected pulp is not removed, the tissues around the root of the tooth can become infected. Pain and swelling often result. Even if there is no pain, bacteria can damage the bone that holds the tooth in place in the jaw. Without treatment, the tooth may have to be removed.

This often leads to root canal treatment. When a tooth is removed and not replaced, the teeth around it may shift. This can make biting and chewing difficult and may make it harder to clean your teeth.

Root canal treatment can prevent these problems by saving your natural tooth. Also, root canal treatment usually is less expensive than a replacement tooth.

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