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Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 14, 2012

Today, dental technology provides better and safer paths oral health care. While many cosmetic dentistry procedures work very well, according to Dr. Ryne Johnson of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, “porcelain veneers stand out to be one of the very best”. Dental veneers are fitted over the front of each tooth and are used to hide minor dental damages, yielding a perfect and natural appearing smile. However, the skills and experience of the cosmetic dentist (and laboratory technician) has a huge impact on the outcome and can be the difference between natural radiance and the appearance of mediocre dental work.

The benefits of porcelain veneers are many and they are highly recommended for people searching for a safe and successful smile makeover. Porcelain veneers are among the most wanted services at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners because they maintain the integrity of the underlying tooth, making them safer and more suitable to a natural looking and feeling smile.

Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that is fitted to teeth to further enhance its shape and shade. They normally cover just the front area of the existing tooth. Veneers can be utilized to close spaces between teeth, extend small or deformed pieces, mask discolored or dark teeth. When teeth are fragmented or begin to wear, veneers can serve as a good protection from damage and later on refurbish their original appearance.

Cosmetic veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, as they are natural looking and can be permanently placed within two to three visits.

For more information on dental veneers, contact Dr. Johnson at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners or visit www.NewtonWellesleyDentalPartners.org. Remember to, “See a specialist…the difference will make you smile”.

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Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some may argue that cosmetic dentistry procedures are expensive, but according to Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, “what you gain from restorative or cosmetic dental care will pay you back in self-confidence and self-assurance”. Studies have shown that people with attractive smiles are more successful in society and business. Cosmetic dentistry procedures help you in aesthetics, function and health. Don’t forget, you will look younger too.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Braces – are generally used to straighten your teeth. You have options between metal or porcelain brackets and Invisalign clear aligners, depending on your dental situation. The fees for orthodontics will vary depending on a variety of factors: the type of braces you need to wear, your geographic location, the material they are made of and the dental office you choose.

Dental implants – another extremely popular cosmetic dental procedure which helps you enhancing your smile and health. There are many types of dental implants available. Advancements in computer assisted diagnostics and placement now allow for teeth to be worn the same day implants are placed.

Dental veneers – veneers are thin sheets of porcelain placed over the surface of our natural tooth to hide imperfections, badly stained or slightly misaligned teeth. Veneers, if done properly, should appear imperceptible while being very conservative in the amount of tooth that is reduced/removed.

Complete smile makeover – when this type of treatment is needed, a variety of specialists undertake several cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the smile of the patient. The complete smile makeover can involve gum therapy, dental implants, veneers, dental bridges or crowns and even jaw reconstruction surgery.

Teeth whitening – in-office teeth whitening (and take home hits) is done for those who have stained teeth or for those whose teeth has darkened from age. For a whiter, brighter, yet natural smile, teeth whitening is a very popular procedure.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry, visit www.NewtonWellesleyDentalPartners.com. Remember to, “See a specialist…the difference will make you smile”.


Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is the holiday season, and we all want our smile to look its best. We all know that red wine can stain your teeth but switching to white during the holidays might not be a perfect alternative. According to Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, “white wine isn’t a ‘stain-free’ option. Even though white wine lacks red pigment, it creates a situation that allows other dark beverages and foods to stain your teeth”.

The problem is acid. The acid in white wine etches the tooth enamel, giving the surface rough spots, pits and grooves that are the perfect places for pigments from other stain-making foods and beverages to seep in.

If you drink a glass of white wine while socializing with friends your teeth are saturated with acid for approximately 30 minutes after you finish that drink. Acid can do a great deal of damage to tooth enamel in that length of time.

But don’t worry, a little planning can help off-set the damage. Increased saliva production can also derail an acid attack. Saliva contains minerals and fluoride; it neutralizes acid and helps heal the tooth surface. Dr. Johnson recommends, “chewing gum made with xylitol or eating non acidic foods which stimulates saliva flow. So, pair that wine with some cheese between sips”.

A little extra planning can help you maintain your white healthy smile for the holidays. If you are already dealing with stains and want to discuss options to correct your smile, visit Dr. Johnson at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners. He’ll educate you about teeth whitening and the range of products that will keep your teeth their dazzling best. Present a copy of this blog and receive 75%-off tooth whitening procedures (in-office & take home kit).

Remember to, “See a specialist…the difference will make you smile”.


Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A revolution in Dental Implant Therapy is occurring in the area’s finest practices! According to Dr. Ryne Johnson of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, he is, “transforming lives through computer, surgical and prosthetic symbiosis”. What does this mean and what can Dr. Johnson do for you?

Since the 1980s, Dr. Johnson has been using computer integrated techniques in his dental implants. Many have referred to Dr. Johnson as a pioneer in this area but recent advancements in dental-focused, 3 dimensional CAT-scans and a revolutionary development in implant design now enables the team at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners to pre-design the case on the computer, pre-fabricate the dentistry and place implants with such precision that the prosthesis (teeth) can be put to use the same day that implants are placed.

In the past, an implant was placed and ‘left asleep’ in the bone for 3-6 months (depending on bone density and other variables). Once the bone cells had grown onto the implant, impressions would be made and the dentistry would be fabricated at the lab.

Now, through the integration of 3D, CT-scans, digital impression taking, in the office, and the new surface design of the implants, this can all be done in ONE DAY.

Visit www.NewtonWellesleyDentalPartners.com for more information. Look for Dr. Johnson’s ad in Boston Magazine and remember to, “See a specialist…the difference will make you smile”.


Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 16, 2012

“Temporomandibular joint” or TMJ is actually the hinge joint connecting the lower jaw to the skull’s temporal bone.

The temporal bone is located in front of each ear. The ligaments, muscles and joints on each side of your jaw are attached to the jaw joint. They let you open and close your mouth and allow you to chew, swallow and talk.

It works wonderfully, when it works, but it can be thrown off by a number of problems.

Some disorders of the TMJ are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, grinding teeth, dislocation, misalignment of jaw or teeth, or injury. Stress can cause muscles of the jaw or face to tighten or teeth to clench.

Your face, jaw joint, neck, shoulders, around the ear, or in the ear may be tender or sore when you chew or speak, or when opening your mouth wide.

You may not be able to open your mouth as widely as you could before. Your jaw may get stuck either open or closed.

You may have clicking, grating or popping sounds which may or may not be painful when moving your jaws.

Chewing may be painful or may feel “off”. You may have swelling on one side of the face or the other, or both sides.

Pain from temporomandibular disorders can be temporary for some people or it may last for years. Women are more likely to get TMD than men are. It is most likely to hit between age 20 and 40.

Dr. Johnson can perform an examination in the case of TMD and help you solve your dental problems that cause these aches and pains. Use of a bite plate or a night guard, custom designed by the dentist may lessen teeth grinding and clenching.

If you are suffering from TMD:

It can be helpful to eat softer foods. Don’t bite your nails or chew gum. Pain may be eased by using heat packs. Some people find relief through meditation, biofeedback or other types of relaxation techniques to reduce jaw tension. Also recommended, strengthening your jaw muscles through exercise.

For an appointment contact Newton Wellesley Dental Partners.



Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 09, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner. Give yourself a gift: teeth whitening. White, healthy looking teeth say a lot about a person. They say you are confident, healthy and young. Yes, whiter teeth make you look and feel younger.

You may not consciously notice your own or someone else’s teeth, but a smile makes a first impression. White teeth and a healthy smile let you feel confident and comfortable.

This holiday season enjoy the holiday photos with healthy white teeth through teeth whitening. And at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners we will make sure your new white smile is a natural smile. No one should look like they have been through a teeth whitening procedure. Natural smiles are better than that fake-looking smile.

At Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, our patients come in for a deep dental bleaching session in order to jump start the whitening process. Our patients then go home with prepared dental bleaching “trays” to supplement the process and do touch-ups in the privacy of their own homes.

For the holidays, give yourself a whiter smile that says “beautiful and confident”. Contact us before December 1st and mention this blog for 50% off our usual fees and remember, “See a Specialist…The Difference Will Make You Smile”.


Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 05, 2012

Does your smile make you uncomfortable? A cosmetic dentist can restore the smiles of people who have teeth that are decayed, damaged or even missing and are finding it embarrassing to smile. Dental implants are a popular smile restoration technique that is used to replace teeth that are lost to provide an attractive new smile. Dental implants provide people with beautiful, bright, natural-looking smiles. An attractive smile gives you new-found confidence in social settings.

According to Dr. Ryne Johnson, Prosthodontist and Director at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, dental implants are a safe, effective and permanent way to replace teeth that are missing or badly damaged. A dental implant is a small post made of titanium that is installed into the jawbone. A natural-looking porcelain tooth is then custom-made and held in place by the implant to restore the tooth and provide a new smile makeover. And now, with current computer technology in the hands of experienced specialists, teeth can be placed on the same day as implants.

Dental Implants can be used to correct many problems:

  • Restoring teeth that are badly damaged or decayed;
  • Replacing missing teeth to restore a smile;
  • Replacing infected or loose teeth;
  • A popular alternative to dentures that is permanent.

Dental tooth implants are a permanent solution for restoring your teeth. Dr. Johnson can provide his clients with an attractive new smile that is naturally beautiful. Our patients are amazed at the dramatic transformation in their appearance and they feel more attractive and self-confident.

For more information about the cosmetic dentistry services offered by Newton Wellesley Dental Partners or to schedule your complimentary consultation, contact us. Remember, “See a Specialist…the Difference Will Make You Smile”


Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prosthodontics can really help you achieve a straight and beautiful smile so that you can be confident wherever you go and make that incredible first impression. Statistics show that a healthy, bright and white smile is one of the keys to success. A beautiful smile is not only a sign of good health, but it will also raise your self confidence, which means that you will become more productive.

Charles Reade, a 19th century author, quipped, “Beauty is power and its sword is a smile”. Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist and director of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, who is regarded as a pioneer in CAD/CAM dental ceramics was recently quoted in Boston magazine, “In the sphere of cosmetic dentistry, credentials, experience, and an attention to detail influence the subtle nuances that determine whether one’s smile suggests countless hours in a dental chair or projects the radiance of well-maintained beauty”. In other words, does your dentistry look like dentistry or is it imperceptible?

Prosthodontists specialize in dental implant reconstructions, partial dentures, inlays/onlays, crowns, dental bridges, TMJ therapy & night guards, dental implants and porcelain veneers. Prosthodontists are known for their expertise in offering a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures meant to completely transform your smile.

Other important dental procedures for which prosthodontists receive advanced training include:

  • resolving congenital birth anomalies relating to teeth, the jaw/dental arc & palate
  • resolving snoring & sleeping disorders
  • offering mouth reconstruction in case of oral cancer
  • resolving dental problems related to joint & jaw complications

Of course, many of the procedures above can be performed by a general dentist or a ‘cosmetic’ dentist. However, if you want the best possible treatment many suggest that you should visit a prosthodontist who has advanced training or experience in all these types of dentistry and dental reconstruction techniques. Prosthodontists typically under-take 3 more years of clinical training after the four years required to be a general dentist. This allows them to be more-focused in a narrow scope of care.

If you have concerns regarding any aspect of your smile, if the teeth that are misaligned or missing, and if jaw problems or pain persist, you should research for the best prosthodontist out there to get the highest quality treatment.

For more information, visit, www.Newton Wellesley Dental Partners.com. And remember, “See a Specialist…The Difference Will Make You Smile”.

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Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 22, 2012

Each year, dentist offices celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month in October. The event was developed in an effort to spread awareness of healthy oral hygiene and preventative dental services.

According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 20,000 Americans have been diagnosed with oral cancer this year. According to Dr. Ryne Johson, Prosthodontist and Director at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, oral cancer signs can be detected early, which is why visiting a dentist regularly is crucial. Some recommendations on how to follow a simple daily oral health regimen to prevent oral disease include:

  • Brush teeth for two minutes, two or three times daily
  • Floss daily under the gumline and between teeth
  • Rinse with an fluoridated antimicrobial mouthwash daily
  • Chew sugar-free gum after eating
  • Visit a dentist every six months or more frequently if indicated
  • Avoid hazardous chemicals from smoking and tobacco

At Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, we make an effort to assure patients’ have healthy gums and teeth before performing any cosmetic dentistry or reconstructive dentistry procedure. During oral exams we check our patients’ teeth for cavities, bite problems, fractures, pockets of plaque or bacteria, and take X-rays for an in-depth look at the underlying bone. If early signs of oral cancer are detected, we take the necessary steps to assure the patient is referred for additional evaluation/treatment.

For more information or to schedule your appointment, visit NewtonWellesleyDentalPartners.com and remember, “See a specialist…the difference will make you smile”.

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Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 12, 2012

All things considered, dentistry is still somewhat affordable and many dental procedures are covered by insurance. But when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, coverage varies and the quality of service varies. Spend time on the decision making process. Why let your insurance company determine what is in YOUR best interest? Only you know what is best for you …besides, insurance companies are in the business of making money for their share-holders.

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental treatments that are designed to make your teeth look more beautiful, straight and white, so these treatments are purely cosmetic. According to Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist and director of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, “for many people, a cosmetic enhancement generally replaces old, tired work. In these instances, insurance will contribute toward the procedures”.

For many, accepting a sub-standard smile is not an option. Studies have shown that people with a beautiful smile make 37% more than those with a ‘bad teeth’. Thus, many people in this challenging economy seek those fantastic dental veneers or other endeavors to create the smile they’ve been looking for.

Because these procedures are more costly, you want to do your homework. Put some effort into researching. Cheap procedures, quick-fixes, or less reputable offices are not worth it when it comes to your smile. Poor work ultimately costs more because it fails quickly, needs to be redone often and generally leads to additional problems/expenses. Take your time and be fully educated in the process before making your decision. Remember, dentistry is a SERVICE not a commodity.

Dr. Johnson at Newton Wellesley Dental Partners believes that education is the key, regardless of where you get your cosmetic dentistry done. A dentist’s reputation, experience, passion, credentials, skill set, and lab affiliations are critical! An educated patient, one who knows what the best procedure is for their life and situation, is going to have outstanding dental treatment that works best for their lifestyle and budget.

Newton Wellesley Dental Partners offers top quality cosmetic dentistry and has earned a 25 year reputation as one of the Boston Area’s best. Take a look at our testimonials, and learn from the experience of our patients. Visit us at www.NewtonWellesleyDental Partners.com for more information and remember, “See a Specialist…the Difference will Make You Smile”.