Gum Surgery in Newton, MA

If you have advanced gum disease, often characterized by gum recession, among other symptoms, our Periodontist may recommend gum graft surgery. Gum recession exposes the surface of your tooth’s roots, leaving you prone to decay and increased tooth sensitivity. Receded gums are also cosmetically unappealing. Fortunately, gum disease surgery in Newton, MA, can reverse gum recession and restore your smile.

Newton Wellesley Dental Partners is proud to offer gum graft surgery in Newton, MA. If you’re struggling with gum disease, reach out to our Periodontist near you for personalized treatment.

What to Expect

We offer different types of tissue grafting, including free gingival graft, connective tissue graft, and pedicle graft. A free gingival graft involves borrowing tissue from the roof of your mouth and then suturing this tissue to the receded gums. This type of graft is ideal for very thin gums.

For connective tissue grafts, the Periodontist uses a piece of connective tissue obtained from the top layer of your mouth’s roof. This piece of tissue is then stitched to your gums, thus restoring receded gums.

Pedicle grafts utilize tissue obtained from the area next to your gums. Pedicle grafts are recommended for patients with plenty of tissue in the regions adjacent to the areas of recession.

Newton Wellesley Dental Partners is also well-versed in laser gum surgery in Newton, MA. During laser gum surgery, our dentist uses focused light energy to eliminate harmful bacteria from periodontal pockets. Laser surgery also facilitates gum tissue and bone regeneration. Unlike surgery using a scalpel, laser gum surgery is relatively painless and may not require anesthesia. Laser surgery is significantly less invasive than traditional scalpel surgery, resulting in less bleeding and swelling.

Healing and Recovery after Gum Graft Surgery

If you’re planning to undergo periodontal surgery in Newton, MA, you must remember to follow our dentist’s aftercare instructions for timely healing and recovery. Here are some things to remember after cosmetic gum surgery:

  • Avoid using any blood-thinning medications after surgery
  • Avoid spitting, rinsing your mouth, and using a straw after surgery
  • Use an ice pack for 24 hours, with 20-minute breaks in between, to manage any swelling
  • Avoid physical activity for at least 48 hours
  • Eat foods and drink beverages that are at room temperature or cooler
  • Avoid chewing on the side that had the surgery
  • Avoid flossing until after your post-op appointment

Healing after gum graft surgery usually takes two weeks. Our Periodontist will ask to see you after a week so we can monitor your progress. Complete healing and recovery may require a month or more, depending on your overall health and other factors.

If you’re struggling with gum recession, Newton Wellesley Dental Partners can help. Reach out to our Periodontist in Newton, MA, to discuss your gum graft surgery options.

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