Invisalign® in Newton, MA

Adults seeking to straighten their teeth may not be drawn to traditional metal braces because of their numerous downsides. For starters, metal braces have a way of drawing attention to themselves. Metal braces also require significant adjustments to your diet and can hinder your ability to brush and floss with ease. Fortunately for you, Newton Wellesley Dental Partners offers Invisalign® in Newton, MA, a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign® teeth aligners are manufactured from clear plastic, thus offering discretion. Since they’re removable, you can take off your clear aligners whenever you need to, for example, when eating or during social situations. Invisalign® promises results in 12 to 18 months and is an excellent choice for adults and older teens who wish to forego the more cumbersome metal braces.

Invisalign® Treatment Process

Newton Wellesley Dental Partners is a proud provider of Invisalign® in Newton, MA. Our team works closely with the Invisalign® lab to provide custom, well-fitting, and comfortable, invisible aligners to ensure complete smile transformation for our patients.

The first thing our dentist in Newton, MA does is evaluate your suitability for Invisalign®. Invisalign® works to correct different types of misalignment, including gaps in your teeth, overbite and underbite, and overcrowding. Invisalign® also treats crossbite and open bite. For cases that cannot be treated via Invisalign®, our dentist near you will recommend other interventions.

After a comprehensive consultation, our dentist takes your digital impressions and shares these with the Invisalign® lab. The lab team creates a series of clear, custom aligners that will gently move your teeth to the desired positions over 12 to 18 months.

It’s important to remember that you must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day for them to be effective.

Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® braces are advantageous in several ways, including:

  • It’s the most discreet way to undergo orthodontic treatment. Nobody can tell that you’re wearing braces, and you can go about your professional and social life without awkward stares.
  • Invisalign® treatment doesn’t involve too many dental visits since you don’t require frequent adjustments, as is the case with metal braces. The dentist hands over the clear aligners in advance, complete with instructions on how to wear them. If you’re interested in teeth straightening in Newton, MA, and are constrained for time, Invisalign® is your best bet.
  • With Invisalign®, you don’t need to adjust your diet. You can continue to indulge in all your favorite foods without inhibition.
  • Invisalign® is highly effective in straightening smiles. You can look forward to a straighter, beautiful smile in just over a year.

If you’d like to enjoy these great benefits of Invisalign® and are looking for an Invisalign® dentist near you, contact Newton Wellesley Dental Partners today to get started.

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