Teeth Whitening in Newton, MA

If you are looking to brighten your smile, Newton Wellesley Dental Partners is here to lighten your smile as many shades as you need. Patients of Newton, MA have nothing but great things to say about their teeth after using our whitening service.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

The enamel of your teeth commonly changes color over time. What was once a shade close to white has probably changed at least a few shades duller. Sometimes, this will take many years for a tooth to change a few shades. Other times, you might find your teeth discoloring in a short amount of time. Either way, schedule an appointment at our Newton, MA office, and we’ll make sure you leave with a brighter smile.

Our In-office Whitening Process

Our whitening process starts by recording your current teeth shade. With this information, we can show you how many shades it will take to reach your desired result. Most of the time, this will only require one visit but can take multiple visits for teeth that are multiple shades away from your desired outcome.

We start our process with a polish that removes surface plaque. This allows our process to be implemented correctly and efficiently. We will apply gauze to your mouth to keep your teeth dry and your lips and gums away from the whitening solution. We may place a barrier along the gumline for extra protection.

After the setup and protection process, we begin by coating the front of your teeth with our whitening solution. Our most common solution contains hydrogen peroxide but may include a different bleaching agent if necessary.

Depending on the whitening product used, we may require your teeth to sit under a curing light or laser for peroxide activation. The entire process usually takes no more than an hour. In some cases, we may need to reapply solution during the whitening process.

When your teeth enamel has reached the desired shade, we will rinse your teeth. We may apply a fluoride solution around your teeth and gums to help minimize sensitivity.

Continuing a healthy dental lifestyle will allow your new white shade to stay the same color for years. In some cases, you may need to schedule additional visits to reach your desired results.

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