Have years of coffee, red wine, and normal wear and tear stained your teeth? Our doctors are pioneers when it comes to dental bleaching. We use a specialized process that gives patients a jump-start on their quest for whiter teeth. The process is simple—you start with an in-office visit and then the treatments are continued at home. Teeth are extremely porous and easily absorb stains. Bleaching or whitening works by opening the pores of the teeth and cleaning them. You’ll love the dazzling results!


Most of our patients find it more convenient to bleach and care for their teeth at home. Dr. Johnson’s in-office visit starts with a chemical bleaching session. His skilled assistants then make several customized “trays” for your teeth that you can take home. This allows you the luxury of completing the touch-ups from the privacy of your own home, while you’re traveling to work, or even while you are out to do your grocery shopping. Your pearly whites will shine without having to make several trips to the dentist.


Having a beautiful smile can go a long way, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Any successful TV personality or model will tell you that an attractive smile is a must-have in their line of work. You don’t need to have a career behind the camera to enjoy a great smile. If you’re ready to improve your smile, we can help.

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